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scrap metal, stainless steel, fragments, shavings, waste, aluminum slag, slag copper-bearing, aluminum, aluminum cans, copper, bronze, brass, radiators, lead, storage batteries, iron-nickel accumulators, zinc castable alloy, zinc and magnesium.

- Aluminium alloys: АВ87, AK5M2, DIN226, ADC10;
- Bronze: БрA10Ж3, БрO5Ц6С5;
- Brass: ЛС59;
- Lead: С2C, С2, CCyA;
- Zinc: Ц1, Ц0.



LLCRegional production complex UKRSPLAVis a reliable partner on the market of non-ferrous metalsprocessing. The manufacture of our corporation encompasses a broad technological cycle from initial processing of raw materials to the finished products, whichcomply with all international standards. For more than 10 yearsthe UkrsplavCorporationhas been holding a leading position in the domestic market of non-ferrous metals processing and supplying of ready-alloys based on them. Today the company buys waste and stainless steel scrap, storage batteries and iron-nickel accumulators, waste and slag of non-ferrous metals: aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, zinc, zinc castable alloy, nichrome, nickel, silicon, and lead. By buying slag, waste, shavings of non-ferrous metals and alloys, storage batteries, aluminium cans and shapes the company not only gives a second life to valuable metals, but also contributes to the solution of environmental problems.

Export opportunities is aluminum alloys АК5М2 и АК8М3

Today the company also buys scrap metal in Donetsk, Donetsk and Ukraine

Prices specify by phone: +38 (095) 365-19-48

Prices 2016-11-19

Product NamePrice * ($ / Ton)
Aluminum 1080
Aluminium (Electrical Engineering) 1190
Aluminium airplane (military) 850
Aluminum jar 910
Stainless 830
Brass 3540
Bronze 2750
Bronze piece 3020
Titan Price-Negotiable
Radiators 2470
Brass shavings mixed 2470
lead 1190
plastic Batteries 830
Batteries ebonite 660
ZAM 1220
Magnesium 780
Slag copper-bearing Price-Negotiable

When the volume of more than 10 tons, the price and terms of delivery are negotiated separately.

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Its own laboratory allows LLC UKRSPLAV to control the whole process of non-ferrous metals processing, as well as to monitor the quality of final products, such as:
- Aluminium alloys: AВ87, AK5M2, DIN226, ADC10;
- Bronze: БрA10Ж3, БрO5Ц6С5;
- Brass: ЛС59;
- Lead: С1, С2;
- Zinc: Ц1, Ц2

The acquired scrap of non-ferrous metals enters the stockyard, where it undergoes primary processing and sorting. This stockyard allows the company to buy stainless steel, copper, storage batteries, iron-nickel accumulators, radiators, aluminum cans, and other metals in different conditions and re-use all these products in full.

After the initial processing, metal is sent for remelting to reverberative, channel and induction crucible furnaces.

Finished products are offered in the form of ingots, bars or shapes. Today the corporation operates in full compliance with the international quality standard ISO 9002.

This system has allowed to organize the circulation of documents within the company and between its internal and external partners most efficiently. It has also provided an opportunity to adjust the work of all the departments and divisions. Besides collaborating with suppliers and buyers on the domestic market of Ukraine, LLC UKRSPLAV works actively on the international market of nonferrous metals – it buys silicon, nickel, copper, bronze, brass, etc.; and also sells brass ЛС59, aluminum alloys DIN226, ADC10, ADC12, AK5M2, AK8M3, AK12 and other alloys.

The company isn`t engaged only in commercial activities. The corporation owns the futsal sports team SHAKHTAR and sponsors the Lugansk football club ZARYA, one of the oldest clubs in Ukraine. The management of the company takes an active part in various charity programs: it helps educational institutions, veterans and nursery schools of Donetsk.

LLC Regional production complex UKRSPLAV is ready to become a reliable partnerto all of you. We are openfor business partnerships andconstructive dialogue!

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